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Welcome to the Transformers Fanfic Database Web page or Tranficbase (Thanks Rob for the cool logo.) You are person number since the upgrade to version 2 Aug 9, 2000. For your links into the database choose one of the following indexes.

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Contact Information

If you have questions or queries about this database you can email me at pawright@tfb.l8r.net. Please include [TFB] in the message subject so I know what you are mailing about.

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Some Notes About This Database

all files are stored in a dos compatable format. This means

How I Gather The Author Information

The author information is gathered from the news article header. I have a perl script which goes through the header and grabs the email address and name of the poster. Since I have not looked at many of these stories in a VERY long time unless I remember that there was something different about the file and check the person posting will often get credit for writing the story. Of course when you open the story to read it all the headers are there and you will know who actually wrote the story. Currently stories are gathered from the following groups:

Author's real name will appear if known unless otherwise requested by the author.

If you find your story isn't here you are free to mail it to me with an appropriate description. There are many reasons why a story may not be here. Those reasons range from system crashes and loosing the story to the story being too recent for me to have up here yet. By far the most common will be poor propogation of the news feed I am on or an author not putting FANFIC in the title. I generally only have time to search for that in the newsgroup so if an article isn't marked FANFIC I will often miss it. Please note I haven't updated the database in a few years. I rewrote the engine to make it easier to update so I will probably always be a couple of years behind the current postings on the newsgroup.

System Specifications:

If you are still here you obviously want to learn a little bit more about this site. This web site is on a 486 66 Mhz machine with 20 MB of memory. It is running the Red Hat Linux operating sytem and it is also a mail host. Please be patient if it seems to be a bit slow. I will be keeping graphics to a minimum to allow the pages to load faster. The database is running off of postgres version 7.0.2. It is a free database for unix systems (and other systems as well).

Version 2 of the TranFicBase includes the following changes

I created this web site as a means to clean up my hard drive. I have been saving Transformers Fanfic from the net since the newsgroup started in 1993. (Even before if you count one story from the original email list.) In that time I had gathered 10 MB worth of files that were scattered in various places across my hard drive. I also had massive duplicates from authors reposting various versions. I needed to organize things and since I had been working with databases at work I thought a database would be a good way to do it. To work on my programming skills and to allow others a chance to benefit from my work I wrote the web interface to the database in C in version 1. Version 2 of the code is in Perl and has extensive error checking. It shouldn't CRASH per se but if you give it wrong input it will throw up an error page describing just what it didn't like.

Differences between the Frame and Non-frame versions

Actually there arn't that many. It is just in the frame version you can see the index at the same time as the data that you selected. Also in the frame version the top frame will let you go to a particular part of the alphabet quickly in the main index. The search engine was developed for a web browser with frames. The main reason is I wanted the search results to pop up in another window. I can create a new window by giving my results a target frame that doesn't exist. The new window will become that target frame. There after with a new search the results will always appear in the new window.